MedFePS is a software product developed and offered by Ebor that allows organisations (e.g.  hospitals) to capture fee-for-service payments and to process them.  It imports data from various patient management systems (including batch import of fee-for-service items) and exports data to accounting systems.  It has an ergonomically designed data entry system with a data-auditing feature to ensure ease-of-use by medical administrators.  MedFePS interacts with numerous databases to provide its functionality.

Ebor’s Expertise

  • health care administration tool
  • database management
  • auditing functions
  • product used by more than 15 medical clinics and hospitals

Processing accounts

MedFePS uses the information recorded to calculate the fee payable to each provider for each service provided. MedFePS applies all the rules contained in the relevant Schedule and ensures that the fee is correct in each case.

Auditing and reviewing procedures

A major benefit of MedFePS is that it provides a level of checking not possible using manual procedures. Rules are so complex and tedious to check that it is beyond the capabilities of hospitals to check more than a random sample of claims. MedFePS checks every encounter and produces a printed report of encounters that warrant investigation.

Cost summaries

MedFePS provides a detailed analysis of patient costs in a variety of formats and several of these reports are sorted by DRG number to match the methods used for budget allocation.

MedFePS was initially designed around the Medicare Benefits Schedule issued by the Australian Government (Commonwealth), but has been adapted to work with similar schedules. The software allows for multiple schedules to be held at the one time (provided that there is no duplication in item numbers), and it applies the fee appropriate at the time the service was provided. MedFePS explains how a fee has been calculated when requested to do so.