SmartMove™ is Ebor’s vehicle despatching product (e.g. for taxis, hire cars, emergency service vehicles).  It is an internet-based hardware/software system (i.e. via web, telephone, in-vehicle devices) developed by Ebor over 15 years. Ebor provides 24×7 support for the system.

The product comprises a hardware/software platform that integrates with a meter in the vehicles, and equipment and software for dispatching centres. Communication between the dispatching centres and vehicles is over the mobile phone network and accommodates 2G/3G/4G and SMS technologies and SMS gateways.  It contains an integrated phone system based on Asterisk, and includes IVR capabilities.

The design of the user GUI and dispatch GUI is intuitive and easy-to-use so that data can be entered and viewed quickly. The GUI designs contain high-contrast modes for the vision impaired and have evolved over the life of SmartMove™ to adapt to customer requirements.

The SmartMove™ system also implements a fail-over system on servers to ensure very high availability (99.89% actual measurement over 1 year).  It can efficiently handle large amounts of data, display data in many forms as required by dispatch centres, and integrates a payment system with MYOB and Quicken.

Ebor maintains a continuous improvement system for the SmartMove™ product that ensures development scales as the overall system scales and that accommodates upgrades to various aspects of the system while the system is operational.

Ebor’s Expertise

  • vehicle tracking and dispatching
  • user-friendly GUI
  • 24/7 support
  • >99% availability