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There are various applications that require a portable uninterruptible power supply (UPS).  A typical example is that of a field transceiver for radio communications.  Unfortunately, for those outside the USA, acquiring such a UPS can bring with it the entangling “red-tape” of the international traffic-in-arms regulations (ITAR).  In response to a need for a portable UPS that is not controlled by ITAR, Ebor Computing has developed the ECP-82 series of uninterruptible power supplies.


When your primary power source fails the ECP-82 ensures that your application remains operational.  Its internal rechargeable battery will provide the power that you need.  Other products will allow the output voltage to drop or rise as the battery voltage varies, but not the ECP-82.  Even when the battery voltage drops to less than 10 V or rises above 24 V, the ECP-82 will doggedly provide a 24 V output at up to 150 W.

The ECP-82 will handle simultaneous AC and DC inputs.  A wide input voltage range is accommodated by the UPS to suit supply by mains (90 Vac to 305 Vac), and by vehicles or solar panels (+9 Vdc to +36 Vdc).  Its conduction-cooled design and high efficiency ensures reliable operation in any ambient conditions.  With its tough aluminium construction and IP67 rating, you can be sure that the ECP-82 will survive rough treatment.  At only 2.5 kg (without battery) it is lightweight too!

The BBx590 series of lithium rechargeable batteries (or equivalents) are right at home in the ECP-82.  A specially designed lid holds the battery in its compartment while the ECP-82 is in use, and easily comes away when the battery needs to be replaced.  During operation, the battery is automatically charged when AC or DC mains is applied to the ECP-82.  Short-circuit protection, as well as over-power, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection ensure that the ECP-82 continues to run even after other devices fail.

The ECP-82 can replace a standard battery box for a variety of transceivers and remote control units.  It is suitable for the AN/PSC-5/5D, MBMMR, AN/PRC-117F/150/138/113, AN/URC-200, MXF-400 and RF-5000 transceivers and any other 24 V device with a similar form-factor.  It can also be used in military or civilian vehicles and marine craft or for any general power supply application.

Production of the ECP-82 is expected to begin in 3Q 2013.  It will likely be offered in two variants: one with Mil-C circular connectors and the other with IEC and XLR connectors.  A variety of accessory cables will also be available.

The ECP-82 is an Australian product designed and constructed in Australia, and it does not fall into the category of controlled exports (subject to DECO assessment).  It is rugged, reliable, versatile, and lightweight.  It will meet your requirements for a portable 24 V power solution.  There is every reason to include the ECP-82 in your acquisition program.

More information

A preliminary data sheet (in PDF format) is available here or you can contact Ebor at +61 8 8238 0300 or via email.

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