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Ebor Services

Custom Software Applications

Our professional, highly trained software developers specialise in creating quality custom software applications. Their expertise covers all facets of the software development lifecycle:

  • Requirement Development and Analysis
  • Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and Support

We specialise in scientific and technical applications, including:

  • Design, implementation and testing of algorithms
  • Signal and Image Processing and Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Database Development
  • Secure Communications

Some projects for which we have created custom software are listed on our Project Portfolio page.

Applied Research and Development

Ebor has staff with expertise in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics who can undertake initial R&D and algorithm development in:

  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Modelling and Simulation

We have applied our expertise to areas such as:

  • HF Communications
  • Sonar Classification
  • Imaging Radar
  • Computer Security
  • Hydrography
  • Meteorology

Specific projects include:

Project Management

Ebor’s approach to project management is flexible in that we adopt whatever methodology our customer requires. Larger projects that we are managing to defence standards include:

Sponsored by the DMO, Ebor Computing underwent CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) appraisal in December 2002.

We have also used appropriately scaled down processes on smaller projects such as:

Web Applications

Our team of software developers is expert in web technologies, including:

  • Java JSP (Java Server Pages), Servlets, Applets and RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
  • HTML, XML, XSL and Schemas
  • JavaScript, PHP and Perl
  • Databases, for example, MySQL
  • Authentication, encryption and secure server/client transactions

Ebor recommends Java for custom software development because it:

  • Allows applications to be distributed over the web
  • Is platform independent
  • Is object oriented
  • Facilitates sound software engineering

An example of one of our commercial web based applications is:

Hardware Integration

Ebor Computing's head office has a laboratory specifically engineered for
the integration of software and hardware systems.

Some of our demonstrated capabilities include:

  • Assembly, testing and fault-finding of specialised computer systems
  • Computer system loading and testing
  • Hardware and software systems integration
  • Secure storage of software and hardware
  • Development of test plans, procedures and reports according to
  • System maintenance and ongoing support
  • Hardware design, development and testing (including RF systems, VLSI
    chips and printed circuit boards)

We are currently using the facilities for the DMO DRFSS project.

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